Staffs Uni Learning Support Agreement

Samara is a visually impaired student studying at Keele University. She started in September 2013 in a foundation year, after leaving school without GCSE`s because the school was not able to provide the support she needed, but she went to university to earn her GCSE qualifications with A Levels and a BTEC National Diploma. She hopes to earn a law degree in criminology and eventually become a barrister. The fantastic community at Staffordshire University means that students are constantly connected to a great support network. Whether it`s money, study requests, or personal questions, they`re here to help. The Student Support and Wellbeing Team are based at the Student Hub and are available at any time to offer their time and support. We are a non-medical aid provider (NMH) for higher education students, funded by a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). Committed staff are always available for students who are in care or are alienated by families. The team helps students move through and study at staffordshire University. They will offer a personalized service including accommodation throughout the year, targeted financial support and personalized support from our student assistants. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will endeavor to respond to you within three days, but if it takes a little longer to get a response from us, be patient, we will contact you. Faith is an important part of many lives and staffordshire University`s chaplain team is on hand to support students of all faiths and none.

They provide valuable support in times of distress, but also offer events and activities that contribute to university life. All students will have the opportunity to master the technologies of the future in professional environments such as the ¬£1.3 million Smart Zone, the Staffs Newsroom, the dedicated Games Lab and the Crime Scene House. There are significant investments in the future of the university, with a brand new Catalyst building set to open in 2021 that will house learning areas, business collaboration areas, and networking spaces. “The people who supported me were fantastic. They are very helpful and all they want is the best for us. When we had our trials, they waited anxiously and seemed more nervous than us. I felt really relaxed around them and felt like I had done a lot of work with them. Zila received electronic notes for her courses and workshops, as well as study support outside of the taught sessions, in order to get help with searching for libraries and organizing work on a very practical course.

Zila worked closely with ASSIST staff to find the best solution to her needs, while studying a very complex course at the postgraduate level. “The employees have always been very helpful and easy to understand. The employees were focused and helped me organize my time to stay on track to complete my tasks on time. I feel like ASSIST`s support helped me achieve Merit, Merit, Merit in my final year, and it allowed me to go to university. Without this help, I would feel like my notes would have been just a passport.¬†Students are taught through a combination of courses, seminars, workshops and laboratory practices, depending on what is being studied. The seminars allow small groups of about 16-18 students to discuss and develop the topics covered in the courses….