Share Sale And Purchase Agreement En Francais

This document, presented by some real estate agents, should be indiscriminately qualified as an offer to buy, a unilateral sale contract or simply a price offer and should be treated with caution. Its main feature is to hire the buyer and not the seller. Are you about to sign a pre-contract? This is called the “pre-contract.” The preliminary contract and the sales contract are two contracts with different consequences for the buyer and seller. Often in a hurry to round up, buyers and sellers sometimes think that signing the preliminary contract doesn`t lead too much. This is not true: despite its name, this front-line agreement constitutes a real “contract” that gives rise to important obligations for both parties. It allows them to specify the terms of the future sale and highlights their agreement. Although not legally binding, this document remains essential. Buyers and sellers can write it themselves on paper or with standard contracts. However, the clauses of the contract are of great importance, the final contract contains them in theory, it is recommended to entrust the drafting to a professional (your notary) who is required to inform both parties. The cost of drafting the preliminary contract is included in the real estate agent`s commission or in the notary`s fee to sign the final sale. One of the main precautions is to include suspensive conditions (for example) in the offer to purchase.

B obtaining a loan) and giving the seller his answer only with a short time (a week or a fortnight). Unlike the sales contract, the interim agreement must not be registered with the tax authorities. This lack of royalties seems to be an advantage. However, in the case of litigation, the parties remain bound by the sales contract in the case of a unilateral sale contract, unless, in the case of a unilateral sale contract, the parties are bound by the sales contract, unless, in the case of a unilateral sale contract, the parties are reintegrated into their liberty. If the option is not applied by the buyer`s sales contract (also known as a “unilateral preliminary contract”), the owner agrees with the potential buyer (known as the beneficiary) to sell the property at a specified price. As a result, it results in an exclusive “option” for a limited period (usually two to three months).