Printer Maintenance Agreement Contract

This is a very general list, as each photocopier provider will vary slightly depending on the services offered in your contract. Knowing that companies vary in offers is a good reason to receive multiple offers – not only to find the best price, but also to know how far your corporate dollars guide you with a supplier. Our annual printer repair and maintenance contracts simplify the maintenance and repair process. We`ll save you valuable time that would otherwise be wasted waiting for offers and permissions while your printer gets bogged down and work is delayed. Our printer repair and maintenance contracts ensure that we are ready to act if you need us. If you need a maintenance printer and an emergency printer or photocopier repair; One of our technicians will answer your call within 4 hours. If you`re in the market for a multifunction printer for your business, it`s important to consider the maintenance and maintenance costs of the device. Most companies that offer fixed rentals or rentals for printers will be able to offer this maintenance and maintenance. This is usually included in the monthly fee of the agreement. This monthly price is based on the cost of your printer, the level of service you want and the number of copies (clicks) you make per month. If you plan to buy a printer directly or rent it separately, you can pay for maintenance if you need it.

This means that you buy toners as needed and pay a standard hourly rate for the service plus the cost of parts. This can add up quickly, as toner can be expensive for most commercial printers and an hourly service for printer maintenance can weigh on your budget. Your lease payment, including a number of printouts allocated per month. If you rent a color printer, it most likely contains a certain amount of black and white (S/W) prints and a specified amount of color prints. If you exceed the amount you have allocated, you will receive a specific fee per page. It is important to understand the service contact and the cost per copy. For example, if your cost per click is R0.20 and you print 1000 copies per month, you will be charged R200 (1000 xR0.20).