Merton Council Tenancy Agreement

Each council has different requirements and prioritizes housing according to people`s needs. As a general rule, you must complete an application form in order to join a waiting list. No property will be guaranteed to you. Each council has its own eligibility criteria and housing allocation is prioritized by the poorest people. Phone: 020 8545 4151E-Mail: you should know that you are able to pay rent on the property. If you have a low income or receive government benefits, you may be eligible for a housing allowance to help with rent. Before entering into an agreement for a property, it is always advisable to check that the rent is covered by local housing assistance. If you do not, you may find that you have to pay a difference between the local housing allowance and the contract rent. As a general rule, you can apply to join your local housing register if you meet the Council`s eligibility criteria. The criteria may include your health, financing or housing situation, and if you have a local connection. Most new leases are now set up as guaranteed short-term rents and are generally valid for an initial period of six or twelve months.

You should make sure that before you sign an agreement, you will read it carefully and agree with the conditions. You should get advice on anything you don`t let yourself be told in the dark. Some properties require a storage deposit as part of renting an apartment. This is done because it protects the lessor if the lease does not work or if the person refuses the last minute agreement. In this case, the landlord will keep the deposit to compensate for all rents that were lost at the end of the rental of the property to another tenant or family. You can apply for social housing through your local council. The “Ask for Housing” button on this page will take you to the Council`s website, where you can apply. Merton neighbourhood homeowners require larger deposits for individuals or families who want to rent.

Many people are struggling to pay for the rising cost of housing, which is why the Council has put in place a system that can help. There are many criteria that applicants must meet and any assistance will generally only apply to people with very low incomes. Website: Each board must keep a public register of licensed HMOs. Merton Council has informed us that its registry is not available online because it is constantly changing. But they said that if you contacted them directly, they would give you an electronic copy by email. You can also book an appointment to view the registry in your office. hmo unlicensed in a closed bar in Mitcham — no action taken — why not? Perhaps the President of the Council will explain? Other councils are also available to the homeless, tenants liable for rent arrears and vulnerable people. Council councillors can provide recommendations to other housing in the area or the City of London.

They also have information on claims and other assistance. Indeed, the Council will do everything in its power to keep people off the streets. Cllr Martin Whelton, a member of the Cabinet for Regeneration, Housing and Transportation, said: “As a council, we are committed to fighting bad landlords and we hope this case sends a strong message that the Council will take tough action against any owner operating illegally in Merton.